Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's get organized!

Weight: Yikes, 156 I gained a pound this week...WHAT!?

Food: low carb wrap, egg whites, cucumber, salsa, grapes, avocado, tuna, whole wheat bagel thin, more cucumber with hummous, 1/2c cheese its :) (just cuz I freakin love them!)

Excercise: 1 hour of weight training hell with Chasity

Dear Bippity Bloggity Bo-

Another weekend screwed up my hard work! My weekend was full of great food, not alot of excercise, and some drinking. So I am a little disapointed in myself for not being more dedicated. This week, I am ready for a great week full of good food and exercise.

My goal for this week truly is to get organized. We have a very crazy next 2 months and I feel so un-organized right now. My house in general needs a lot of organizing and love. It's times like these I miss my best friends, and you know who you are. They are so organized and so good at helping me organize my life and my junk! Where are you! Why are you not here! So now, in adulthood, I must put on my big girl pants and wade through my own junk. I want to organize my material things before I get married so that I can move into my new life with Adam free of CLUTTER and ready add the things that we picked to make this house ours. A part of this need for organization is the feeling of needing some Zen. Some peace. To have my home be a place of tranquility and peace, not clutter and chaos. Hmmm, as i'm typing this I am truly wondering if this is possible...well i've changed and adjusted so much these last few months, maybe I can be an organized adult. Well, a girl can at least try right! :)

What can you do in your life to create more zen, more tranquility? Is it that junk drawer in your kitchen, or your closet? This week, lets find zen together. And if you need to run away from your clutter, come clean out mine! :)

Much love and light,

PS- 2 months to go!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A servants heart in a tired body!

August 16th, 2010

Weight: 155
Food: protein shake, egg whites, green peppers, sausage, bagel thin, taco salad, baked pork tenderloin, whole wheat pita tuna melt.

Dear Bloggitybligblog,

I am so excited to write again with good news my friends. All my hard work and sacrifice is paying off. I had a great weigh in after dropping almost 2 lbs last week. I also had great measurements for the last month reflecting another almost 2 inches off my body. It has been getting so hard and discouraging the last 2 weeks. It's hard when you are working out 6 times a week, not drinking what you want, not eating what you want and to not see results. But Chasity changed my diet around a little bit and BAM I am seeing some great results now and I don't feel so boxed in. Still lots of lean protein, fruits and veggies. But also adding in more dairy and necessary fats which has helped me push through this last week. So the weight loss program is going great for my physical health and my mental health. I can't wait to get my dress in and see how everything looks! :) YIPPEE!

On another note, this blog is not just about my weight loss and health journey, it's about my journey into being a wife and a stepmom. And let me tell you that is a learning journey everyday of my life. Being a wife is going to be hard work. I always thought a lot of this would just come naturally for me because I am a nurturer and I want to serve the people that I love, basically I love to take care of people. And that is true, that part comes pretty naturally to me and is the easy part. It is hard to not get discouraged and resentfull of all of these "woman chores" I feel like are constantly my responsability all the time. I will stop here and say Adam is an extremely helpful partener, I truly couldn't ask for more. My issue with this topic does not come from frustration necessarily ( i mean he's a man, he is not perfect ;) ) it is with the stereotypical society based expectations on women. The "chores" i consider are my "chores" are laundry, cleaning, cooking, child care and grocery shopping. Now "chores" I would consider are adam's are yard work, vehicle and house maintainence and taking out the trash. Now I don't know about you but my car doesn't break down everyday nor does my house. However, dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning and child care happen on an almost daily basis. I feel overwhelmed with it all sometimes. With 4 people's cooking, dishes and laundry to do WHO HAS TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE. So I look to God for peace and strength here. I look for him to give me a servants heart so that I can do the things happily to meet the needs of my husband and children. I don't always do such a good job of having a happy heart, but I am a work in progress here people ;)

More on all that later.

I am encouraging everyone to pray for their servants heart this week. To see how you can serve your family and those around you with a happy heart. I would also love to encourage you to get out in this beautiful weather and get some exercise, it's amazing how much bettter you feel. Just for your sanity and happiness do something for you everyday this week. Hang in there, and let me know if you need a workout buddy!

Much love-


Monday, July 19, 2010

Holding Pattern

July 19th, 2010

Weight- 156
Food- egg whites, whole wheat reduced fat bisquit, skim milk, granola, salad with tuna and avocado, light balsalmic dressing, gardettos, coke zero, stuffed peppers
Exercise- The most killer weight training hour with Chasity this morning...I cried, that's how bad it was

Dear Blog-n-fog,
Well friends, i'm a little frustrated. I'm not sure who or what i'm frustrated with. It could be me, it could be my body, it could be society, or it could be God. But I didn't loose any weight this week and I really had some serious self control. I didn't drink a drop of alcohol all week even though we went to the lake! I only had one dessert this week after almost 2 weeks of no sweets. I worked out 6 days, one work out almost ended my life! So whats the stinkin deal! It's like i'm in a holding pattern. I'm so frustrated because I feel like if you are really overweight you drop weight really fast, but when you are just a little overweight it's like you always have to loose that last 10 pounds which is the hardest to loose. GRRR!!! So really in theory I should've gotten really big so that I would feel more rewarded by my weight loss! :) Ok, i'm just kidding about that. I truly do see and feel a change in my body. I look better and I feel better, so why isn't that enough to keep me energized this week? I guess it has to be, because I have to keep going. I will be so dissapointed if I don't reach my goal weight or at least get really close. I know I can do it, I know what I need to do so I just need to stick with it and get over this holding pattern i'm in. So here's my plan for this week. 3 days of cardio, 3 days of weight training, no eating out except on my cheat day, no booze (except for this weekend my shower and mini bachelorette party in Dallas!), i'm going to drop some LBS this week!!!! Now who's with me? Does anyone want to come to a class with me this week? I have some free passes to StudioFit, I would love some company! Let me know, drop me a line. If not, don't forget to do something for yourself this week. Relax, work out, go on an evening walk, eat clean, and don't forget to spend some time with the Lord. Good luck, let me know if I can help! We're in this together friends! The battle of the bulge is in full swing!

Much Love and Luck,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You are not alone!

July 14, 2010
Food- Fiber One Raisin Bran, Protein Shake, mixed veggies and chicken, almonds, spinach stuffed chicken and cuscous, Yoplait fat free 100 calorie cinnamon roll yogurt.
Workout- 1 hour weight training, 15 min sprint intervals

Dear Blogginstein,
I am now a week into no desserts of any kind. WOW not so easy at times. I love dessert, it's my favorite meal of the day!!! I mean im not saying I eat chocolate cake everyday after every meal. It's just that I always want that something sweet after lunch and dinner, ok ok and sometimes breakfast ;). Just an m&m here and there right? Well, I am giving that up for a while to see if it helps move that scale. So no sweets and no alcohol. Which i've decided is going to turn me into a drug addict just to make it through the week ;). Hard stuff. I did pretty good this weekend without the sweets with 2 birthday cakes to stare at and a 25th anniversary cake (that I picked out) to refuse as well. But I need to learn to practice some will power every once in a while. Adam wanted to stop at Sonic tonight to get a sundae for him and Cohen which caused a little bit of resentment to well up in me. It's hard to be the only one in your house that is eating healthy and working out. It really makes it harder to make those good decisions when you have ice cream with hot fudge staring you in the face, or a cupboard with Doritos in it, or a Taco Bell that calls your name at lunch everyday. I will tell you though, if I can do it, you can do it! Watching Adam and Cohen eat their ice cream tonight was pretty painful, but so was looking at my Engagement pictures and crying because of how fat I looked. So I put some 100 calorie fat free yogurt in the freezer and enjoyed it as a treat after Cohen went to bed. If you are reading this discouraged at all the mountains you have to face daily even just opening your pantry, know that you aren't alone. Even if you are the only one in your house fighting the battle of the buldge, you are not alone. You aren't alone because you have me! I'm fighting it too, and if you need support or accountability let me know because I can always use some too. Fight that fight girls! Be a good example to your children, family and friends. Just start with a small change and then add to it everyday. Get out and get some excercise tomorrow! Let me know if I can help!

Much Love,

Monday, July 12, 2010

Saying NO!

July 12, 2010

Food- protein shake, fiber one cereal, bagel thin/turkey sandwhich, whole wheat wheat thins, hummus
Water- 60oz
Workout- 1 hour power lifting with trainer
Inches- Measured today and basically 1" smaller everywhere
Body Fat %- Has gone down 2%! That's awesomeness! I also gained 2LBS of muscle in 4 weeks! Yippee!

Dear Bloggalog,
What a crazy weekend I had my friends. We had a birthday party friday night and saturday night. Tanner had a very long and drawn out tennis tournament both days. We registered at Macy's. After my four hour drive to pick up Cohen Sunday I went straight to my parents house for their 25th wedding anniversary dinner. WOW! It was just too much stuff for such a small amount of time! We vowed lastnight in bed to not do that again, we are just killing ourselves every weekend to get to everything. It is time for us to start saying no, which is really hard because we are very social people, we like to be out doing stuff with our friends. Unfourtunately that has gotten us to a point this summer that we can't even remember having a date just the two of us in months! That is way too long! When I started this process of recentering my life and getting healthy on all levels I mentioned how I felt like I didn't have time to take care of myself. I am realizing now that that is at least 50% my fault. I can't say no. Even if it totally over books me, frazzles me, replaces my workout, makes me unhealthy, and on and on. Luckily Adam and I recognized this problem and are both determined to do a better job at allowing time for ourselves, our family and each other. How are you my friend? Are you allowing time for yourself? Are you overbooking your family? Do you have down time? What about time to meditate and pray? Keep striving to make time for yourself and special down time for your family. I am, and I am hoping it will create a better me!

Much Love,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Dear Bloggitty-Blog,

Sugar is like crack! It's a cheap drug and it's extremely addicting. Sugar and sodium are the two things that are keeping me from being under 150. Now, in my defense it's not like i'm eating a piece of cake after every meal. But apparently I am eating just enough little sugar treats to counter act everything else i'm doing. So, what's my motto for the rest of the week...

"Lay of the crack"

What's your food addiction, what positives would you see if you only ever had it once a week? Food for thought... :)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday Failure!

July 6, 2010

Food: egg whites, whole wheat bagel thin. hummous and wheat pita chips, salad/fruit
Water: just hit 70 oz, 26 more to go
Exercise: 30 minutes on the stair master (aka- tourture machine)

Dear Boggtastic,

I have to admit this weekend I did a HORRIBLE job sticking to my eating plan this weekend. Holidays are killer, so much good food and drinks! I did work out though, which was good. Does it count if you don't eat as bad as you normally would? Don't you get points for that? Well I think you should, because it's those little changes that you make that will eventually make the bigger difference. I weigh in tomorrow and have training, so we will see how things went this last week. I got a good amount of gym time in, so hopefully that will balance out the poor eating choices. I think that the goal this week to get back at it and make better choices this weekend than I did last, which should be easy because my mom's homemade sugar cookies and spinach dip won't be involved! :)
How was your hoilday weekend? Did you make healthy choices? What's your plan to do something for you this week? What healthy choice can you make to help your body feel healthier this week? Can I help encourage you somehow? Let me know, i'd love to help!

Much Love and luck-